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    Alone we can do so
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    Our services make the most of your online presence and brand. Netfolie provides a full range of design and development services, including custom programming, art direction, video, photography, illustration, web content, marketing and more.

    Whether the project is simple or more complex, we develop a process structure that delivers results according to your needs and requirements. And we don’t just leave you in the dust after your website is done. We follow up on our work to make sure you are reaching your online goals and expectations.

    Dennis Markessinis

    Web Specialist

    Anna Dimou

    Account Director

    Daniel Cristea

    Art Director

    Pascal Brunet

    Business Manager

    Christine Helary

    Project Manager

    Jean Blais


    Alexandre Lafrance

    Digital Marketing Strategist

    Jean-François Laverdière

    Project Manager

    Mohamed Ben

    Creative Design Manager

    Catherine Pascuas

    Project Manager

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