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    Experts in
    architectural aluminium

    Impeccable quality and outstanding service. Allunox has been a pillar of the construction industry for more than 50 years.

    Since their founding in 1969, Allunox has built a reputation for excellence, manufacturing products for balconies that combine refinement with ruggedness and by and absolute rigour from design to installation.


    The challenge

    It was essential for Allunox that its new website showcases its innovation in alluminum business industry from the moment visitors enter the site to the end of their user journey.

    Allunox also wanted to offer information pages where customers could learn more about the company and its offer.

    Allunox, has been voted as the #1 Business Conference for the past four years in a row.

    user experience


    The navigation on the initial design was cumbersome and hard to navigate through all the pages of the website and for that reason the ticket sales had to suffer. So we came up with a simpler and easier to use navigation to improve on that matter.

    user experience
    user experience

    mobile experience

    Responsive Design

    The website is built on a “Mobile First” approach and we do this for all our products, because of the way users interact noawadays it’s very important to have a product that can easily resize to any platform and adjust the content to the frame of the device.

    The Solution

    C2’s new website brilliantly reflects the company’s brand image and fulfills its mission to inform customers about its products. The design of the site inspires nature, freshness and quality, and the efficient and straightforward interface provides a seamless browsing experience.

    Through an interactive site, users can find now learn more about their events.